Monogram Stickers

Our vinyl monogram stickers are extremely easy to apply and are great for personalizing just about any item! They come with a tape backing attached. All you have to do is peel up a little of the backing and apply it to a clean surface. You can then take a credit card, or use your hands and rub all over the sticker until you feel it is in place. Next, gently peel up the tape and your monogram sticker will be applied. If you find that it is not sticking all the way, stick the tape back on and rub it some more! These decals can be put on just about any hard surface such as: iPad, iPhone, Coolers, Drink Buckets.Cars, Golf Carts, Laptops, Flower Pots, Glass, Photo Albums, Binders for School, Lockers and even Rain Boots! Not sure which size monogram decal to buy? Here are some guidelines for you... 3" - 4" stickers are perfect for a car monogram decal, iPad, and laptops 2" - 3" stickers are used for monogramming cell phones, wine glasses, cups, and picture frames. 6" - 8" larger stickers are used for adding a monogram to the middle of your car windshield. 12" stickers are big enough for applying to a wall to add decor. If you’re looking for a fun accent or stylish way to mark your belongings, initial stickers provide a personalized touch that is easy to apply and will adhere to a variety of different surfaces. Just check out the designs that are offered here at Mad for Monograms!