Monogrammed Rose Quartz Corkcicle Arctican Slim

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Corkcicles slim Artican are made to fit your favorite seltzers, specialty beers and other beverages. Freeze the cooling core base, twist it on, drop in a cold 12oz canned beverage and enjoy ice cold drinks, anytime. The Slim Artican comes with a felt sleeve and easy-slide spacer for the 8.4oz slim cans. Simply wrap the sleeve around the 8.4oz can, insert the spacer and voila - you are ready to sip in style! This product can be engraved or a vinyl decal. The engraving is silver and if you are choosing a decal please remember to let us know what color you would like the decal to be :-)
If you are having a name please select horizontal or vertical from the drop down.
Please be sure to select either engraved or decal from the drop down.
If you are having a decal please put the color you want the decal in the personalization box along with the name or initials.
Failing to put name/initials, decal or engraving or decal color can result in your order being delayed.
  • Monograms and single initials can be engraved
  • Names can be done in vinyl and vertical position only